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Laser Engraving

Using both CO2 and YAG laser engravers, marking can be done on materials such as Acrylic, Aluminium, Brass, Ceramics, Copper, Glass, Plastics, Leather, Pewter, Rubber, Stainless Steel, Steel, Wood and many others. All of these materials, with the exception of the metals, can be cut as well.

Glass Etching

By using a laser mask process and pressured sand, we etch on glass, crystal and marble. Comes up an opaque white/light grey colour.

UV Printing

Using UV ink under a UV light solidifies the ink. Since UV ink is denser, it produces a higher print quality with reduced bleed. UV Printing is durable as it doesn’t fade and is water & scratch resistant. With multiple layered prints, the ink builds up to create an embossed effect if desired.
Can print in full colour.


Sublimation is the process by which ink is permanently embedded into a substrate such as plastic, metal, fabric, ceramics and glass. The process allows us to print in multiple colors, with photographic quality imagery, up to 600 x 300 in short and long runs. Sublimation is much more durable than screen printing.
Can print in full colour.

Miniature Trophy Cups

Miniature Farah Trophy Cup